Friends and Family

Welcome to a creative space offering thoughts and pictures of my experiences about people and places that have make life a great adventure.

Every now and then in life there is a window flung wide open for us to run into the dreams we have nursed for so long. When the opportunity presents itself, it’s best not to hesitate or listen to the voices of doubt and fear. For that opportunity may not come again for a long time, if ever. This site is a conglomerate of musings that are written about the fulfillment of my dream to travel this beautiful country.

But life doesn’t stop there…..

Every day is a traveling journey whether we are ‘on the road’ or not. We are continuously traveling along, in the process of learning more about ourselves and each other. I hope that you enjoy these reflections about the people, places and experiences encountered along life’s journey, no matter where that takes me.

2 thoughts on “Friends and Family”

  1. I love your wording here in this cover statement for your collection of works. If I may say, the Lord gives us all a life, but only gives a few of us a real love for it. You are one of those, a sojourner, a lover of life with a heart and the skill to share what you see, feel and absorb.

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