A Safe Harbour

‘Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.’ Seneca.

After the mishap at Bungunya (see Bogged at Bungunya) we were craving a place to rest and recompose. A place to be still and decide what was next. A place to find shelter from the many voices inside that were calling us in all different directions. We needed a safe harbour. Stanthorpe proved to be that safe harbour where we could be still and clarify what we were aiming for. For without an aim, a purpose and a place we are destined to move towards, we drift aimlessly about and change as constantly as the wind.

Five days on the Granite Belt, settled in a van park on the edge of town proved to be just what we needed. In this place of stillness and surrounded by the beauty that comes with a cold climate and high altitudes, we were able to ‘venture inside ourselves’ and discover what is really true for us in this new season of life.  In stillness, the muddied waters, so long agitated by our permanent activity and movement, finally settled and we were able to find clarity of mind, heart and intention. From this centred place, we began to experience an inner wholeness and a truth of who we really are.

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