An Ordinary Day

There’s nothing much happening today. It’s just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill day. We may moan that today is so dull and mundane. But even in the ordinary we need to be thankful, because somewhere someone is crying out for an ordinary day.

A day where there is no hardship, struggle, violence or poverty. A day when the water flows from a tap, rather than be carried four miles from a pitiful, muddy hole. A day when groceries are bought from the supermarket shelf rather than found in garbage piled on dusty streets. A day when children can play in a clean, safe, quiet backyard rather than fearing for their lives as they scamper on roads crowded by motor vehicles and throngs of people. A day when there is no threat of abduction, fear of terminal sickness or the horror of imminent invasion. Some long for just a plain, ordinary day.

Even in our ordinary days, we are to give thanks. And yet we complain and moan that our little lives are so uneventful. Give thanks for the uneventful. Give thanks for the ordinary. Give thanks that our lives have the simple, plain comforts of our ordinary living. Our thanks should be prolific. Our ordinary lives provide us with plenty of reason to give thanks. Let prolific thanks flow like a fountain gushing upwards releasing a torrent of bubbly cool water. May our thanks for the ordinary be a soothing, cool elixir that delights the heart of our God, who gives us so much ordinariness to enjoy.


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