Another Perspective

Cryptic crosswords are confusing. But not so for my mother. Though I might read the clues literally, she considers them imaginatively and metaphorically. She looks for a deeper meaning while I just think of what presents at a surface level, and rush right in with the answer. There is another perspective that cryptic crossworders engage in that is way beyond my ability to comprehend.

Life often requires us to address it from another perspective. What we see is just at the surface, yet there is so much more meaning at a deeper level. Take for example the idea of purchasing a new home. Where to decide to settle? We may consider climate, lifestyle, work possibilities and social opportunities. But this is just the beginning. What we yearn for at a deeper level is connection with others who share our interests and ideals. We each need a place to serve and contribute in a meaningful way. A place where we can belong and form the friendships that will add value to our life and also the life of another. A place where we can generously share our skills and gifts and benefit our local community in a good way.

Coming to an understanding as to what is best in making important choices like this is not so cryptic as it may feel. We need to ask ‘What is true for me just now?’ and allow the still quiet voice within to speak gently to our hearts in regards to the answers. This takes time. Time for the answers to emerge. Time for us to discover what is happening deep below the surface of our life. Time to really know what is true about our life and what we are kidding ourselves into believing. These answers are not beyond our ability to comprehend. We just need to take time to think clearly, deeply and consider what is true beyond what presents.

We need patience, because this is not a process to be rushed. If our decision is made with haste, we will be disappointed. There is power in waiting for answers to emerge. Patience allows us space to be and to think clearly. Patience gives us the chance to come up with genuine answers that are not forced or haphazard, but are best for our wellbeing. Patience produces the right results.

Making good choices requires us to have the skill of those who enjoy cryptic crosswords. The ability to see beyond the surface clues, deep thinking that takes into consideration more than presents and a willingness to be patient until the answers emerge. Perhaps if we looked at life from this perspective, we could all become good as cryptic crosswords like my mum.

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