Beyond Repair

My dad and I shared a joke when I was younger. If we drove past an old dilapidated home, he would say, “There’s a good one for you to live in Jep.” And we would laugh together, knowing full well that it was beyond repair and unfit for human habitation.

There’s houses that can be renovated and then there are houses that are so beyond repair, they need to be bulldozed and forgotten. Sometimes there’s stuff in our lives that we tenaciously persist on working at, that in truth need to move beyond and put behind. We can too easily get bogged down in what is simply not working. And there’s often a cost for persisting at what needs to be put aside. Usually it’s an emotional one. Like renovating a house that is too far gone, we can get tired, depressed or simply feel like we are wasting our time.

Perhaps a relationship is draining us of all our energy and is not bearing good fruit. Or maybe it is a job that is not life giving or energizing anymore. Pouring time and effort into what is not deeply satisfying can leave us empty and longing for something more rewarding. Just as old homes have a season for restoration before they are beyond repair, we too need to recognize when it is time to leave behind what is not working for us too.

Is there an invitation to bring closure to something that is beyond repair in our lives? What will it take for us to do this? Can we envisage new possibilities that are waiting to be explored?


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