Bogged at Bungunya

After a full day of driving, a quiet free camp at Bungunya, west of Goondiwindi was a welcome thought. With thunder clouds closing in around us and the rain beginning to fall steadily, it was good to turn off the Cunningham Highway and think about a warm dinner from the oven. However, a quick turn off the bitumen metres away from the rest area, threw all our plans for a quiet afternoon cooking dinner into disarray. The rain had turned the ground into a quagmire so the landcruiser and the van sank into what felt like quicksand. If Daniel says, “This is not good” that generally means we are in deep trouble.

Dan took off his shoes and socks, rolled up his pants and unhitched the van, then shoved the caravan chocks under the front wheels of the car, and as a stream of of mud sprayed out everywhere, the car slowly lurched its way forward out of the bog.

I prayed and took photos. And then God sent four angels in the form of three men and a woman. Bungunya is off the highway. It has a population of about 5 people and 15 goats, and no tourists. Well no tourists till just now.

They really seemed to come out of nowhere, eagerly jumped out of the car with a piece of timber to help get the van out of the bog and just got stuck into it, shoes off, offering suggestions and getting soaked with rain and caked in mud. Dan just let them go for it. I just prayed and took more photos. What an amazing adventure that reminds me that even in the messiness of life, God comes to our rescue.


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