Channel Country

There’s roughly 370 kilometers of ochre coloured dirt between Winton and Stonehenge. And a fair bit of it is sitting on my car and caravan. Was it worth the rough ride? You bet. Some adventures might get a bit messy, but we wouldn’t want to miss them, despite the residue at the end.

Channel country is beautiful, especially at dawn and dusk. We didn’t spot a homestead, no general stores or fuel stations, just brolgas, brahmans, red-tailed black cockatoos and budgies. The land is always changing, never monotonous or boring. There is always something more to admire and marvel over. The Barcoo and Thomson river have deep waterholes along them and that’s were the gums will be filled with the screeching cacophony of galahs and sulphur-crested cockatoos.

A free camp somewhere along this road was a special treat as there was no other vehicles nearby and the unfamiliar sound of sheer silence. Not a blazing yellow dot anywhere on the horizon from nearby homes, just a multitude of millions of diamond studded lights coming down from the heavens. Glorious.

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