Enthusiastic People

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm   – Ralph Waldo Emerson

With mounting enthusiasm, Jo continued to extol the virtues of the township she had lived in all her life. As a local real estate agent, she was everything an out-of-town client could ever hope for. Her broad knowledge of the area was absolutely endless. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, Jo did not know. She was an enthusiastic supporter of her childhood stomping ground and intended to persuade every prospective buyer that this was the only rural town worth buying in.

She shoved the car into gear, spun it effortlessly out of the parking bay, whisked us up the main street and out onto the open, rural roads. She jabbered about the local history, sites, characters and events the whole entire journey, hardly stopping to draw breathe. Would we like to see the local fishing spots? Or perhaps the local buildings erected in the mid 1800’s by convict chain gangs? The local lookout offered a breathtaking view of the citrus farms and the river, and then there was the wineries and boutique cafes – would we like to pop in and savour a drop or two? Nothing was too much trouble for Jo and apparently she had all the lazy, sultry afternoon ahead to shower us with her hospitality and understanding of local lore.

Sitting in the back of her cluttered SUV, we were a bit overwhelmed. And though slightly shaken by her lackadaisical driving skills, we smiled approvingly as she chattered, nodded at the appropriate moments and asked questions when she did occasionally pause to inhale air.

For two days Jo escorted us to a wide range of properties, and even snuck in one for sale that belonged to her daughter-in-law. An impromptu visit found the owner out, but no matter, we sauntered in all the same. The back door was open so the three of us walked right in and with ease and comfort checked that house out too. The guard dog was on duty of course, full of wagging, slobbering and excitement.

Enthusiastic people are passionate. If we want to learn about anything in life, find someone enthusiastic about their subject of interest and there will be not much we don’t know by the end of our time with them. Jo was the best real estate agent we could have hoped to meet. Driving skills aside, we had no hesitation in stepping into her car and company for another round on day two of visiting properties. Enthusiastic people are dynamic and often magnetic. We are drawn to the life and energy that flows, if not gushes, from their exuberant personality.

We only spent a few days in Jo’s town, but came away with as much local knowledge as if we had been there for months. We have not purchased a property as yet, but if we do, it will have a lot to do with the hospitality, enthusiasm and kindness that Jo offered.

Consider the enthusiastic people in our lives. Who are they and how does it feel to be around them?  These are the vital friendships in our life that can spark our own energy and enthusiasm. Passionate people ignite people to become passionate. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Enthusiastic people make us come alive, they are inspirers, motivating us to move beyond the status quo. Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.

They are often risk-takers who are not afraid to overstep boundaries and move into new territory. They are life-long learners who are only satisfied when they can become more than they were the day before. We need these people in our lives. And we need to offer ourselves as enthusiastic people to others. What holds us back from becoming enthusiastic people who can bring life to another?

Let all you do be done with enthusiasm and let nothing snuff out the passion that can be so easily stolen by others.

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  1. Jennifer,

    This was such a good read that resonated truth and insight. I enjoyed it, and once again, your style of writing brings me “right there” with you and Jo that only an above average author can do.

    Keep shining your light!
    Blessings and Peace~

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