Food for the Soul

Under a full, yellow moon, the sandstone cliffs that dominate Isla Gorge National Park, appear as white, wispy clouds that float in a sea of pitch black. It is a breathtaking sight that catches us by surprise and the delight of this night time wonder leaves us awed. Isla Gorge is like that. Only one kilometre away from the Leichardt Highway, midway between Taroom and Theodore, it is a vast eucalypt oasis that draws the traveller far, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

Isla Gorge offers a natural beauty that is food for the soul. What do we need to nourish our soul? Places of silence and solitude, stillness and splendour. These are the much needed spaces where our body and mind slows down enough to notice and revel in beauty. These are the spaces that draw us to our Creator and stir a wonder within. A wonder that magnifies Him and humbles us. That is the way it ought to be. And without these places that nourish our soul, we will tend to forget God and think that we are more than we really are. We will cease to wonder at all our Heavenly Father does and begin to elevate ourselves to the expense of forgetting God all together.

Immersing ourselves in nature, entering into places that reflect God’s creative touch, are so vital to our soul. Yet this is so hard to do. Everything pulls us in the opposite direction. Away from what feeds our soul to what depletes it. Away from stillness and wonder to hurry and rush. Away from looking to God and instead looking out for ourselves.

Perhaps it is time to rediscover what restores our soul to its natural state of resting and relishing in the God who knows and loves us so. Time to reconnect with all that is naturally beautiful; the cheery song of a morning butcher-bird, the gentle sway of tall grasses that hide tiny finches, a waning moon dancing over ocean currents or long, lazy drifts of mist rising on the thermals at Isla Gorge. Whatever in nature we are drawn to, wherever in nature we may find ourselves, let’s ensure that we are often found there. God’s creation is the food for our soul. Feast and be full.

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