From Nindigully to Bungunya

The Barwon Highway is one rough old road, worn and weary after being serviced by too many road trains. Staying in the middle is the only way to travel and even there the corrugated bitumen makes for a bumpy ride. There’s some little places along the way. Blink and they’re gone. But once these small outback towns, boasted of thriving communities, built on the back of grazing and cropping.

Silos are still in use, but the train line is not. Trucks do what rail once did.
Greek Orthodox church at Weengallon on the Barwon.
Cute to the tourist, but a pest to the local.
The Nindigully Pub is an icon holding the longest trading license in Queensland – since 1864.
The Moonie River runs through Nindigully, south of St George
Nindigully Pub, everyone wants to free camp here.

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