Kilkivan Bush Camp

Tucked away a few minutes from the tiny township of Kilkivan is a well kept secret. A caravan park out of the ordinary. A beautiful bush retreat at the end of Rossmore Road; though it doesn’t really feel anything like the run-of-the-mill van parks. No boom gates. No kiosk with the usual tourist cards, hats, sunnies, chockies or drinks. No key pad on the toilet block and no squishy powered sites. Just big wide sites under expansive gums. Plenty of room to move around and choose whatever place you like. Lots of gardens full of natives to admire and that means lots of birds to enjoy.


Just outside our kitchen window I spotted this bird tending to the finer details of pruning the nest. Inside was just one small chick, eyes bulging, mouth gaping, eagerly awaiting the next morsel. I marveled as the parents relentlessly raced back and forth filling their hungry babe with whatever they could find.

I never really thought much about starlings before. They are a dime a dozen and don’t hold much visual appeal. But as I took the time to appreciate this common and not so attractive little bird, to watch it attend carefully and lovingly to its intricate nest and the chick within, I realized that there is beauty in even the most mundane. What is commonplace is full of wonder as well.

The world will never starve for want of wonders, but for want of wonder. G.K. Chesterton

Next time we see something dull, common or usual, let’s take the time to look, really look, and let our hearts begin to find wonder at what we have beheld. There is always some new wonder to see if we look with new eyes.

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