Making Memories

My sister was keen to go to the Ekka in Brisbane. ‘Will you come with Noah and me?’ she asked. But I did not share her enthusiasm. Big crowds are not my thing. Pushing, shoving, jostling and shuffling. It’s all too exhausting. And there is definitely too much eye candy. Especially in side show alley. The crushing queues at every stall, the indecent smells from every food vendor and the abrasive shouts from every salesperson to buy more, have more and do more, is way more than I can handle. I feel crushed both inside and out. ‘No thanks’ I replied, ‘It’s not my scene.’ And thought how a quiet day lazing beside the beach with a book would suit much better.

But later I reneged. Isn’t this visit to the Gold Coast about making memories? I asked myself. Tomorrow is a gift given to be lived and lived to the full. And it’s not all about what suits Jennifer. Go out of your way to make memories with those you love and perhaps you’ll be surprised said a voice inside. And so I went, and yes, I was surprised.

I have never seen a sheep, a merino wether to be precise, shorn in front of me before. I have never watched a farmer milking a Guernsey and then turning that fresh, warm silky smooth milk into cream, butter and cottage cheese. I have never felt the dust on my face and the thud in my heart as horses charged past me on the race track. I have never bought a honey show bag full of enough golden honey to satisfy my sweet taste buds for at least a year. And I have never been on one of those mammoth slides with a gigantic grin on my face and my nephew screaming down the slide beside me. Until today.

It’s so easy to say no to suit ourselves. So easy to have a preconceived idea about an event or happening. We forecast the worse and anticipate what may not even eventuate. And in doing, so we miss out on what is really important. Sure there were crowds. Yes, there was pushing and shoving, jostling and shuffling. And yes it was tiring. But it was fun. And it was fun to be with family. When we put aside our anxiety, our worries and selfishness and determine to enjoy ourselves no matter what, we will.

Next time we are invited to an event that is not really our thing, don’t say no. We may be surprised that making memories with family and friends in places that are way out of our comfort zone, is just the very thing we need.


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  1. Much like the cat show your fab sister dragged you to. Maybe you should let her run you itinerary for a bit! who know what you will end up doing.

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