The Cactus and the Rose

Not real attractive is it? Look but don’t get too close, cause this cactus is bound to cause discomfort and irritation. Full of thorns and dead limbs, the shrub is hard, tough,  weathered, crusty in places. It is hardly considered a thing of beauty that we would want to pick and find enjoyment from placed on the kitchen table. This cactus is old, and as it ages, it seems to grow more decrepit and worn.

The rose, now that is a different matter. It is beautiful and this one smells gorgeous. It is delicate, soft to touch, has subtle shades of colour and is so appealing we are not only instantly drawn to it, but would decidedly like to place it in a vase and continue to enjoy its beauty. The rose bush may be old, but it can still produce blooming flowers that attract our attention.

So as we age, what do we resemble, the cactus or the rose? Are we growing better or bitter? Weary and worn, or wonderfully appealing? Are others drawn to us, because of our admirable qualities or have we hardened so much that we are thought to be prickly and tough? Who are we becoming as the seasons pass by? People full of sensitivity, tenderness, love and beauty, or cranky, bitter, unfeeling and unloving. Take another long look at these pictures and reflect upon what resonates within.

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