The Cat Lady

I don’t really do cats. They’re not my thing. Dogs, now that’s a different story. But cats, well my husband would say the best cat is a…. maybe you know the rest. And that has been my sentiment too, up until now.

My sister is a cat lover. I call her the cat lady. She has two Birman cats both worth over one thousand dollars each. Yes, that’s not a typo. I could buy a whole wardrobe for a lifetime for the price of the fury felines that saunter around her home. But she is besotted by them.

Just recently she invited me to a Cat Breeder’s Exhibition. Having nothing much else to do, I surprised myself by going along. It’s one of those affairs where the best of the best are on show and dedicated, besotted owners, just like my sister, gather together to scrutinize and admire each other’s prized possessions.

And you know what? I absolutely loved it all from the moment we arrived to the time my sister had to almost drag me out. And something shifted inside. I am almost getting why people have fallen head over heels in love with these beautiful creatures. Why they give so much of themselves to fussing, feeding, pruning and grooming these adorable fury four legged animals that seem to have their owners eating out of their hands.

Inwardly, I have always been critical of the amount of time, energy and money my sister gives to her cats. They seem to me to be a gross waste. However, going along to a cat competition, showed me that we are each wired completely differently and I am a step closer to appreciating and accepting the different. Choosing to go beyond our norm to embrace someone else is how we learn to honor the difference in us all. Stepping out of my comfort zone into my sister’s, gave me a new appreciation and admiration of who she is and what she loves best. That was my growth moment and it felt so good!

The next time we talk together and she relates cat antics to me, I’m not going to raise my eyes, scoff or shake my head in disbelief. Because I’m understanding where she is coming from, what makes her come alive, what energizes her. This is the space she thrives in and this is how she is wired. It’s not crazy; it’s just different to me. Good different.

Can we begin to lay down our own judgements and step closer to understanding those who are different to us? What hinders us from entering into the space of another’s passions and seeking to understand their world a little better? Consider how sharing our differences will grow us as people and build unifying friendships. There is more to explore as we grow together.

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