The Milkman

Arthur Fuller was born at Mitchell, Queensland in 1885. As a boy with his father, they used a draft wagon and a team of horses to cart wool and goods all over the Mitchell area to the head railway station. Arthur and his mother also supplied goat’s milk to the town and they regularly delivered milk to the local hospital and people in nearby areas.

In his adult life, Arthur supported Mitchell and neighbouring localities as the milkman for over forty years. Rain, hail or shine, Arthur would deliver the milk to families, some of which were too poor to pay for the milk. Arthur would say, ‘Here, you need the milk for yourself and your family, we will catch up another day.’ Knowing full well that another day for payment would never come. He was just happy to know that when children drank the milk they had the energy to run, grow and learn at school.

Arthur Fuller was a hero. He was one of those early pioneers who did their bit to make a big difference. There were many such men and women who went beyond what was required to benefit others. He was one of those special people who thought they were not making much difference, but to those he touched, Arthur altered their lives in a wonderful way.

There are still heroes like Arthur. Those who see the need and regardless of the rules and regulations, regardless of what others may say, they roll up their sleeves and get stuck into it. The job may not be anything too grand, but their hearts are eager to help and they are not willing to wait for someone else to do the work. For there may not be someone else.

Arthur didn’t have to deliver milk to those that could not pay. But Arthur had a compassion that would not say no. There is a hero lying in all of us, though we may not see ourselves as such. We were made to give of ourselves in compassionate and caring ways.  This is what makes our lives worthwhile and edifies others. Where does our opportunity lay to be the hero for another in need?


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